Currently I'm at full capacity till end of June, new applications are accepted for July.

I enjoy my work

I started from scratch and since I got my own license, I'm always enjoying improving.

I’ve been looking at motorbikes with great fascination since I was young, several times my uncle gave me a ride on his BMW in the French mountains, and whenever I heard the sound of a motorbike, I would turn around and follow him.

But I didn’t decide to get my license until I was 23, and since then I’ve been hooked on motorcycles. Motorbikes are my universe that I intend to explore and open up.



In 2015, feeling exhausted, I flew from my job at ShopBlackberry to India, where I travelled 10,000 km on my motorbike alone. When I came back, I was clear: I wanted to do something I really enjoyed. So I decided to turn my passion into a job and found a driving instructor course at King Driving School.


Mutual cooperation and the learning process

For us to work together, we have to work together. Relationships are not built over the phone and each person is an individual being. That’s what we’re gonna work on together from the start. I will treat each person individually and adjust the course according to their needs. That is also why I am only able to work with a limited number of people. When you start riding with me and we agree on a date, the first ride is a trial. The entire course is paid for after the first two hours on the practice range.

Hard on the training ground easy on the battlefield

On the training ground you may meet a more advanced student, but never a complete beginner. Often, however, I will only attend to you, because I am always one-on-one in traffic.

Some mistakes can have lasting consequences

Riding a motorcycle is a very complex skill where some mistakes may be your last, so it doesn’t pay to rush. I know this very well from my own experiences and crashes. I’ll try to pass on all the experience I’ve gathered over the years of riding and continue to gather. If you are interested, I will also give you experiences from operating in different parts of Europe and different parts of the world, for example from India.

I enjoy my work

I originally started this job because I wanted to spend as much time on the bike as possible, but nowadays the biggest reward for me is seeing the progress people make in learning on the bike, because it’s a great challenge. Then I meet my graduates on the road more and more often and it gives me great pleasure when any of them send me back a photo of their travels, progress etc. That’s why I really enjoy working with you.